This is our most ambitious fundraiser to date!

We have a Hut which is in a serious state of disrepair due to its age, use and temporary status. As our leaders are busy educating our young people, the group relies on support from parents and the wider community for support with extra funds and time to keep the hut in good order.

The Hut was donated to the Scouts by the previous owners of the Stanlow plant and is a WWII Army Barrack building. It has in later years been clad with, metal to prevent it being burned and toilet units added. The Plans we have located are for 1971 including the toilet block.

We have undertaken some works over the years, but now the Hut is in need of serious renovation. The total works to bring the building up to an acceptable level is estimated at around £55,500 in addition to the £11,000 we have currently raised in the last few years.  We have recently applied to PROTOS for support with the electrical installation and have received £4000, but we need significant funds to make the building warm for the winter and to update the toilets and kitchen facilities to an acceptable standard for Health and Hygiene/Safety. We will be looking at energy efficiencies and also at the external cladding to make the building more inviting for our young people as it is currently very cold in winter and has unsafe features.

Our Group currently hosts approximately 100 young people and volunteers each week and has been growing consistently for the last 11 years. As a group, we also support the youth football teams and regularly work with the Parish Council. Not to mention our Annual Firework Spectacular that our volunteers work hard organising for the villages each year, free of charge.

We are constantly working to fundraise towards this project and we are looking for substantial amounts of support from funders to help get the work underway quickly to ensure the safety of the young people and volunteers, and the future growth of our group.

Update – 14/09/2017

We’ve officially launched our ‘Help Our Hut’ campaign, which we’ll be ramping up over the coming weeks. This will be the key theme for this year’s Bonfire and Firework Spectacular.

Work on the new electrics and on the building itself has also started this week, where we found out that behind the cladding – the building had started rotting away!!